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The founders.

With more than 20 years of combined experience, Jeremy Chia and Edward Ka have always believed in empowering business owners to make informed decisions. They strongly believe in adding value by providing financial insights and instilling confidence to grow one’s business. This is one of the core reasons for the establishment of their accounting services in Malaysia.

Beneath the layers of financial knowledge is personalised touch, sincerity, and a passion to help small businesses grow. It is their conviction that every business deserves a good accountant that believes in them.

The team.

Behind every up-to-date transaction are qualified accountants that strive to give the best accounting services in Malaysia. The team is armed with qualified certifications, membership associations, and culture of continuously upgrading their skills. Relieve your busy mind of every detail, task, and process by allowing our support staff to smoothen your business operations.

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Jeremy Chia

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Edward Ka

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Chee Leng

Financial Analyst
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Financial Analyst
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Felicia Tham

Financial Analyst
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Si Ni

Financial Analyst
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Siew Ying

Financial Analyst
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Financial Analyst
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Leanne Fooi

Financial Analyst
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Financial Analyst

Professional Accounting Services.

Our strength comes from focusing on small-to medium-sized businesses and specialising in their compliance needs. We offer our clients a hassle-free one-stop service that includes timely delivery of outstanding quality at an affordable price. The firm’s partners, managers, support staff, and professional advisors have extensive training, technical experience, and experience providing professional accounting assistance to businesses and individuals. As a one-stop service provider, we are closely affiliated with many local panels of professionals in legal, financial planning, and valuation. As a result, our clients who engage CKP’s accounting services in Kuala Lumpur can expect prompt and high-quality services from us. At CKP, we offer comprehensive corporate services such as company incorporation, corporate secretarial, accounting, and payroll for start-ups and small-to medium-sized businesses.

Cost-Saving Solution.

When you engage our accounting services in Kuala Lumpur, you save money not only on salary but also on overhead, management, hiring, and training. The recruitment fee is the first hidden cost of hiring a full-time employee, followed by absences, CPF and other employee incentives, office space, and equipment costs. In addition, you can put your trust in Chia, Ka & Partners for expert financial advice. Are you keen on engaging our services? Without further ado, contact us today to know more about our services.

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