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We’re in the business of providing insight to drive growth

We are a strong believer of quality financial data and digitalization. With the right system, processes and talents in place. We will be able to assists entrepreneurs to gain insight of their businesses and make important decision to achieve their business goals.

As an accountant and trusted advisor, our work not only helps the business community to thrive but also assist in growing the economy of the country and contributing in providing job opportunities.

With the clear vision in mind, we understand how importance is our work and this keep us remain passion in what we are doing. This has build a strong culture where every single team member able to feel proud of what we are doing. For us, this is a career but not just work.

Founders of accounting services in kuala lumpur

“We believe that right talents is the most important assets of the Company.”

– Jeremy and Edward

We offer the capable and ambitious a fast track career to the top. On the other hand, we also accommodate good staff who prefer a more balanced lifestyle by working out with them work arrangements that match their interests, hours and expectations.

Teammates that can grow together.

We continue to remain in the forefront of digitalization and transforming the accounting industries. Hence, we are hungry to lookout for A list candidates. Those who are driven, positive, responsible will be a great fit with our team dynamics and work culture.

You decide how far you want to go! We remain commit to provide the best working environment and culture to our team and to remain a staff turnover rate of not more than 10% on annual basis.

Career opportunities.

We offer long-term career development and personal growth. If you think this is the right place for you, please look into below for career opportunities:


Digital Bookkeeper / Account Assistant


Team Lead


Administration Assistant


Human Resource Executive


Senior Account Executive


Account Executive (Internal)

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