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Our clients have experienced remarkable growth due to our high-quality, individualized service delivery.

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The mutual progress that the Firm and its clients’ experience is a significant connection between them. Chia, Ka, and Partners (CKP) are extensive, knowledgeable, and experienced enough to give their clients the superior professional services they need. We strive to offer “one-stop” professional services to better serve our clients.

Jobbie Sdn Bhd

Prior to engaging Chia, Ka, and Partners (CKP), our accounting systems were pretty manual. Since engaging them, we can now obtain real-time information, which helps to forecast our future plans.

Elektrik Shing Hing Sdn Bhd

Since engaging Chia, Ka & Partners (CKP), we have a clear picture of our profit and losses. They have helped us in making business development forecasts easier.

Dentist3 Sdn Bhd

They have helped us reduce our accounting burdens by helping us keep our accounting organized! This has given us the time to focus on the other aspects of the business.

Trust Chia, Ka, and Partners (CKP) For Expert Financial Advice!

At Chia, Ka and Partners (CKP), we strive to ensure our clients get the best service from us. We will sit with you to understand your business needs before providing solutions.


Be Obsessed with Client Success

By always putting our clients’ interests first, we develop a deep understanding of their business and personal goals. Our clients value our counsel and trust our commitment to their success.


Be accountable and take pride on what you do

We believe that one must take ownership and be proud of what they do and entrust for. Accountability is one of the key stone to success as it instill leadership and sense of responsibility.


Put People First

We believe that our long-term success depends first and foremost on people. We develop and maintain high quality, mutually profitable relationships with our associates, clients, suppliers, strategic alliance partners and communities.


Embrace an Entrepreneurial Spirit

We constantly seeking new ways to add value to our products and services for our clients.


Be a problem solver

Is not about how much knowledge you posses but is about how much problem you can solve. Then we make progress.


Be Positive and Progressive

We believe in positivity because it create possibility. With positivity in mind, we make progress and continue to thrive.

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