Company Secretary Retainer Services

A company secretary is the glue that holds every intricate business detail together. Establish smoothness and sustainability in your business operations by outsourcing your secretarial processes to us.

What we do.

Our company secretary retainer services include, but are not limited to:
✓ Preparing necessary secretarial documents
✓ Ensuring compliance of legal requirements
✓ Managing office correspondence


Trying to fulfil every expectation from the law or the government can be intimidating and discouraging. We’ll carry that responsibility so that you don’t encounter unwanted legal surprises.


There’s no need to hire a full-time company secretary when you can outsource those duties to us. Get your secretarial tasks taken care of by equally qualified professionals, while saving costs.


The progress of a company’s growth relies on the smoothness of its technical functions. Let our skilled company secretaries walk side by side with you as you navigate the path of business growth.

Assurance from accredited advisors

Rest in the knowledge that you have the support of our certified secretaries. We also place importance in playing an advisory role in secretarial matters, so you can turn to us for the trusted expertise you are looking for.

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