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Payroll Compliance

Allow us to manage all payroll tasks promptly and professionally.
We’ll make sure everything’s in order so you don’t have to.

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What we do.

Our outsource payroll services in Malaysia include, but are not limited to:
✓ Managing salaries, calculations, and deductions
✓ Handling of employee leaves
✓ Statutory submission and registration

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Managing payroll manually leaves lots of room for error. With automated software, risk of error is drastically reduced and lots of time is saved. You won’t have to spend time manually calculating wages any longer.
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We ensure that all payroll matters are strictly in line with employee regulations. We’ll bear the burden of filing taxes, calculating deductions, and statutory submissions because we know how stressful it can be.
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Safeguard your employee relationships by ensuring that payments and deductions are handled promptly and professionally. We manage your payroll matters so you can focus on building your team of employees.

Payroll, promptly and professionally managed.

Developed just for your convenience and accessibility, our outsource payroll services in Malaysia helps you be consistent and accurate in managing the process. From reviewing e-leaves to generating payroll summaries, a digitalised payroll system makes things simpler than ever.

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Finest Outsourced Payroll Professionals.

The payroll team at CKP is fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to manage your payroll function. We have the people, guidelines, technology, experience, and knowledge to provide our clients with comprehensive, accurate, and timely payroll services. We have expanded our outsourced services to include payroll services in KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur. Our payroll services in Kuala Lumpur delivery model is customised to your organisation’s structure and needs. For us, no payroll is too large or too small. We are always prepared and confident in our ability to step up and deliver quality payroll outsourcing in Malaysia. We place strong importance on privacy and confidentiality. To protect your information at all times, we establish appropriate security measures. This critical process should be outsourced because the resources required for a complete payroll function may not justify the benefits.

Secured Payroll System.

Our payroll outsourcing services in Malaysia serve as an external point of contact for your payroll process, facilitating the segregation of duties and thus strengthening internal control. Capable of complying with the most recent advancements in payroll IT solutions without direct investment in new or upgraded hardware and software. Outsourcing allows you to reallocate your financial resources to other areas while remaining relevant and competitive as payroll technology breakthroughs. You no longer need to stress about monitoring the legislation changes and making necessary process changes. Our team of professional in-charge of payroll services in Kuala Lumpur will keep you up to date on the most recent legislative changes and ensure full compliance, removing the risks and penalties associated with noncompliance.

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